Home Improvement Gifts

The Best 5 Gift Ideas for Home Improvement 2019

Holidays are almost here and what better gifts for your family than home improvement gifts. Here is our list of the top 5:

  1. The Dremel 75 piece toolkit. If you do any carving or grinding then you know Dremel is one of the best in the industry. Priced at under $20 dollars it’s great deal.
  2. Ecobee Thermostat  An Ecobee thermostat is a great holiday gift to improve your home. Homeowners can save up to 23% in heating and cooling costs a year.
  3. Black and Decker Cordless Drill Compact and light this drill helps with small tasks around your home with ease. This 20-volt max motor gives you all the power you need.
  4. Little Giant 22 Ladder It’s 22% lighter and besides an A-frame there are many configurations with the Little Giant.
  5. Bosch Sander The bosch sander is palm-held and works with an array of attachments. Has variable speed control and dust collection for fine dust.

And when your ready to tackle those larger home improvement projects contact NIC Construction & Electrical at 661-600-2851

Construction Electrical Remodeling Services Santa Clarita

Construction and Electrical Services in the Santa Clarita Valley

NIC Construction and Electrical care about our local community Santa Clarita.

Santa Clarita is an ever-growing valley of not only new homes but aging neighborhoods that need remodeling services. These services include but not limited too:

– Carpentry
– Electrical
– Custom Cabinets
– Painting
– Plumbing
– Windows

Before anything reach out and schedule a quote at 661-600-2851

Picture of Remodeled Kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen Space

Having a beautifully remodeled kitchen goes hand in hand with an organized space. This will benefit you and your family as they use the kitchen.

For this article we’ll be focusting on the cabinets around the stove, oven and higher cabinets above the microwave oven.

For example purposes only.

1.SPICES A great meal is made with great spices. The drawer right next to the stove can be utilized for your spices. Fill it full of spice jars that you can get from IKEA they are affordable and easy to label and make organizing your spices a breeze.

2. PULL-OUT #1 cabinets. To the side of the oven or below the spice drawer you can install pull-out cabinets. These pull-out cabinets can contain all of your pots/pans for cooking. Also within that cabinet you can have your larger stock-pots on the bottom shelf.

3. PULL-OUT #2 cabinets. On the other side of the oven you can utilize this space with larger mixing bowls, and colander. If you don’t want to use pull-out cabinets here another option is a lazy susan.

4. CABINETS-ABOVE to the left of stove and installed microwave can be utilized with all of your baking supplies. More mixing bowls, large mason jars to hold supplies, tools such as mixing spoons, and cupcake supplies.

5. CABINETS-ABOVE microwave large indoor grill is housed here. If you love indoor grilling, or perhaps your George Foreman grill can go here as well. A large bin next to the grill can hold all of your grilling supplies.

6. CABINETS-ABOVE to the right of the stove. Here you can house all of your everday dishes. Plates, serving platters, bowls. Easily accesible to set your dinner table with.

7. Lastly – your food should be stored in the pantry.

Keeping your food and kitchen supplies will keep you organized and you will enjoy your kitchen so much more.