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Choosing The Right Paint for Your Home

When it comes time to paint NIC Construction & Electrical is here to get the job done.

However, these types of questions come up quite a bit. What type of paint should I use? What’s the right sheen for my house? Flat. Semi-gloss. Eggshell. What’s the best paint for my living room?

We answer these questions below:

1. What brand of paint should I use? The industry standard is paint from Dunn Edwards. They make a quality product but can be pricey. Other options include Home Depot. They have a great line of Behr paints. Lowes also offers a full line of Sherwin-Williams paints. Think of your budget and get the best you can for your home.

2. What type of sheen of paint should I use on my home’s exterior?
This is a matter of function and taste. Flat paint is the norm for the exteriors of most homes. Flat paint hides any blemishes and won’t show lap marks. It’s downfall though is it’s hard to clean. One answer to this is to use a satin/eggshell which has a slight sheen yet tough enough to keep clean. Of course, semi-gloss paint can be used for trim, and doors and has washability.

3. What type of paint should I use on the interior of my home?
This is another personal choice. Flat paints in the interior – light greys are especially popular. However, if you have kids that could be a problem. As with the exterior, flat paints on the interior do not have a good washability rating. Families with kids should use a paint with at least an eggshell sheen. Dunn-Edwards offers Suprema Velvet product line which is great for families.

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