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Top 3 Electrical Issues At Home

As you work from home you may notice some electrical issues that are not going away. Here are our top three:

1. A bad switch. When you’ve turned on that light switch and the bulb seems fine then flickers. Do you have to hold the switch in place? Or perhaps you hear noise. Time for a professional electrician to repair or replace the switch.

2. Your circuit breaker trips. Does your circuit breaker keep tripping in your home. This is definitely a sign of a bigger problem. You may need to replace your electrical panel.

3. Surges. Transient electrical surges. They may only happen for a blink of an eye but can have a negative impact on your appliances. Besides having a power strip surge protector, this is a sign of larger problems that need to be addressed and fixed.

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Top 3 Electrical Issues At Home

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  1. My circuit breaker has been tripping a lot, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to take a look at my electrical system for me! They would be able to ensure that the source of the problem gets identified and dealt with.

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